Immersive art experience opening in Boston’s Downtown Crossing

January 24, 2024

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Immersive art experience opening in Boston’s Downtown Crossing
WNDR museum opening in Boston

Edited by JQ Louise | Written by Cheryl Fenton | Wednesday January 24 2024

While you typically visit museums with hands in pocket, there’s a new art exhibition hall coming to Boston that’s challenging that pesky “look but don’t touch” concept. 

WNDR Museum Boston is an unparalleled immersive art and technology experience opening in Boston’s Downtown Crossing on February 1. The 17,000-square-foot museum redefines the traditional museum, with most of the art focused on physical movement interaction. Translation? Instead of standing idle, you’re actually encouraged to engage with artworks and multi-sensory installations created by cutting edge artists, collectives, technologists, designers, and makers. This multi-dimensional journey was voted one of the best 10 immersive experiences in the U.S. to check out right now by Time Out. 

wndr museum boston
Photograph: Courtesy Ken Schluchtmann

With more than 20 exhibits, WNDR Museum Boston will also be home to localized versions of popular exhibits found at its flagship Chicago location, alongside pieces by internationally acclaimed artists including Yayoi Kusama’s Let’s Survive Forever. Considered one of her masterpieces, the installation features stainless steel balls suspended from the ceiling and arranged on the floor of the Infinity Room; an enclosed column within the room offers yet another mirrored environment accessible through peepholes. A sense of infinity is offered through the play of reflections between the circular shapes and surrounding mirrors on the room’s walls.

“At WNDR Museum, we are committed to breaking down the sense of distance and exclusivity often associated with art and we’re proud to redefine the museum experience as a dynamic, inclusive source of engagement and connection,” WNDR Museum Creative Director David Allen said in a statement.

wndr immersive
Photograph: Courtesy Ken Schluchtmann

Other ways to explore this gigantic museum’s new concept include dancing across two iterations of Brightlogic x WNDR Studios’ Light Floor and watching them react to your every move and proclaiming “what you know for sure” with WNDR Studios’ The Wisdom Project, a guest generated, ever-growing exhibit. You’ll also weather the storm in Leigh Sachwitz ‘+flora&faunavisions’ INSIDEOUT, a 360-degree multimedia installation of video, light and sound experience.

WNDR Museum Boston is located at 500 Washington St. in Boston. Tickets start at $32 and must be purchased in advance here. Discounted tickets are available for children 12 and under and active and retired military members with ID.


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