Hyper Mirror

Hyper Mirror

Artist: Adrian Stein, Zac Hall (HAZE)

Virtual technology has augmented our consciousness in a broader and deeper sense than anything our ancestors could have imagined, but it causes us to dissociate from our physical bodies, losing ourselves in the screens we use to experience these digital


Mirrors, on the other hand, give us feedback on who we are and what we are experiencing. They reaffirm our sense of self and ground us in our own bodies. Mirrors are harmonious with any environment because they give back all of the light they receive. Screens are able to portray any fiction, but mirrors can only tell the truth.

By combining a mirror with a screen, and placing it in an infinity room, Hyper Mirror offers a place to ground the human body in the digital world. Giving light to our physical and digital forms together suggests that we can be both human and avatar, that our consciousness is real in both realms, and that we are as infinite as the metaverse.