Dream Sequence

Dream Sequence

Artist: Patrick Ethen


The hand-wired LED ring of light hangs suspended from the ceiling, casting a bright, circular glow on the wall. But as the light shines down on the objects below, it also creates a dance of shadows, transforming ordinary shapes into abstract patterns of light and dark. The interplay of the bright LED light and the deep, inky shadows it creates adds a dramatic dimension to the scene, drawing the eye and inviting the viewer to explore the play of light and shadow.

Patrick Ethen is an architecturally trained artist and designer, living and working in Detroit, MI. His work is centered around light and the production of visual effects, utilizing a hybrid of digital/analog techniques to craft ethereal and immersive experiences. The process often resembles textile weaving, if one were to replace thread with wire and electronic circuitry. He is a member of the sonic/spatial afterparty, Texture, where his atmospheric installations have become a mainstay of the Detroit underground.

Ethen’s work is an experience in time, a dance which exists primarily in the mind of the observer.