WNDR Light Floor

“WNDR Light Floor”, 2018 – WNDR Studios x BrightLogic

The WNDR light floor is made of 100s of motion sensored LED panels. The panels are divided into a quadrant, and allow the animations to move in different directions depending on what quadrant is activated. The graphics are set to be dormant when no motion is detected, but as soon as movement is detected that activation site becomes magnetized for the graphics. This is why we see the “rushing” effect of the animations.

About the Artist

BrightLogic Inc., is the industry’s leading LED Floor Experts. Their signature service and product, the ActiveFloor™ System, provides tailored interactive floor content, software and hardware that is specific to their customer’s needs and has been rented and installed worldwide. BrightLogic proudly builds their own software and content for their ActiveFloor System, guaranteeing client happiness and satisfaction.

Fast Facts presented by 

  • The Light Floor is probably one of the biggest showstoppers of WNDR. Most people think that it works using motion sensors, but the floor is made up of thousands of optical sensors.