We Are All Artists

“We Are All Artists”, 2020 – Brad Keywell

Who determines the meaning of “art”? Who decides who is an “artist”? How do we calibrate aesthetics and define beauty? How often do we allow others to dictate our tastes? Why do you allow others to define beauty and artistry for you – isn’t that something you should uniquely define for yourself?

Perhaps this is a wake-up call. Perhaps this is fate – a not-so-happenstance nudge to discover and access your artists within. You hold the keys. Only you can unlock your artistry, your poetry, your full brilliance.

You are an artist.

This piece was Inspired by Richard Prince’s 2015 “Untitled (portrait)” art piece that lived in WNDR from 2018-2020. Richard Prince is an American artist best known for his use of appropriated imagery. Prince uses photographs taken from consumer culture—advertising, entertainment, and social media—to probe ideas around authenticity and ownership with his controversial practice sparking debates concerning copyright, intellectual property, and theft within the art world. Prince’s work has created conceptual and legal rifts in the art world. He has opened an avenue for young artist the think beyond material and form and create work that is political by proxy.