Flip Disc (Particles 45)

“Flip Disc (Particles 45)”, 2018 – Breakfast NY

Flip-Discs 45 explores human movement and reaction through BREAKFAST’s bespoke Flip-Disc technology.

In 2012, BREAKFAST began experimenting with Flip-Discs, a mechanical display technology that was originally developed in the 1960s for airport signage. BREAKFAST developed a way to increase the speed the discs could flip and began creating large-scale installations using this modified technology. In 2017, BREAKFAST completely redeveloped and modernized the technology from the ground up, turning it into an unparalleled technological medium.

About the Artist

Founded in 2009, BREAKFAST is a new media artist collective focused on creating forward-looking software-and-hardware-driven artworks that connect viewers to faraway places through interactive experiences and tell powerful stories about our rapidly changing world. The studio’s practice employs a unique blend of computer science, mechanical engineering, and playful, emotionally-striking aesthetics to invite audiences to reflect on the relationship between the physical, the digital, the global, and the intimate—as well as the evolving relationships between human bodies and technological innovation in the Information Age.