Enter the night shift

“Enter the night shift”, 2020 – Radah

With visuals inspired by vintage comic books and imagery from the 1960s and 70s, Radah’s installation joins together conceptions of the future, a “2021” as it was imagined many decades ago. As viewers walk through the museum, they will see themselves in the mirror, in the midst of this futuristic space scene, bringing 2021 as it is in the present, together with the future as it was imagined by the generations before us. By reflecting the viewers back to themselves, this piece aspires to bring you back to the present moment to fully experience the here and now.

About the Artist

Radah is a Mexican-American Chicago-based artist who specializes in graffiti, murals, and graphic art.

Fast Facts presented by 

  • This mural is the first time Radah has ever created a blacklight mural AND the first time Radah has ever worked with mirrors.
  • If you look closely, you will find nods to the area in Chicago where Radah grew up.