“COLORBOX”, 2020 – Zachary Grey Phelps

COLORBOX is an AR activated mural born to help bridge the gap between the intangibility of digital works and the viewer. Traditionally, art is presented as static images solely made for display. By incorporating AR, COLORBOX creates interactivity through the traditional viewing process.

COLORBOX is a series of works stemmed from ink line drawings, which later became an experimental, augmented, mixed-media collection. COLORBOX started as an exercise in spontaneity and improvisation with line, shape, and color. Being able to improvise and discover in the digital process (Photoshop + VR/AR creation) was unexpected as these mediums typically have such a learning curve that it’s often difficult to create something unplanned. This series is a result of that state-of-play, much like the casual creative freedom that comes with a coloring book. One can choose to stay in the line or go beyond.

About the Artist

Zachary Grey Phelps is a Chicago-based, multi-disciplined, New Media artist who works with paint, ink, 3D, VR, AR and projection.