Analog | Digital

“Analog | Digital”, 2021 – WNDR Studios

Strings of 0s and 1s forever changed the world we live in today. The rise of computers and advancements in technologies have created a digital society operating from a combination of two binary numbers: 0s and 1s.

As digital technology continues to evolve and progress, innovative opportunities are becoming easily accessible in all industries, especially the arts. Through the combination of traditional art and cutting-edge technologies, many artists have embraced the shift from analog to digital, reimagining the art space in new unconventional ways.

Fast Facts presented by 

  • 1’s and 0’s really represent what WNDR is all about– the intersection of digital and analog, where art and technology come together.
  • The 1’s and 0’s represent binary code which, of course, makes up all things digital.