Try To Get Higher

“Try To Get Higher”, 2019 – WNDR Studios x Andy Arkley

Try To Get Higher” is an interactive installation designed with wood sculpture, video projection, and music. The exhibit is controlled by 16 lit arcade buttons that direct synchronized music and animation sequences in any fashion you choose, creating a unique experience for each artist.

About the Artist

Andy Arkley is a visual artist, designer, musician and animator. He strives to make work that fosters inclusion, positivity, and elation. His work has been shown at various places including The Bellevue Art Museum, MadArt Studio, Pictoplasma, WNDR Museum, and Bumbershoot. He has a BA from The Evergreen State College where he studied animation and electronic music.

Fast Facts presented by 

  • Pro tip – the button in the top right corner triggers everything.