The Forever Machine

“The Forever Machine”, 2019 – Mac Blackout

Mac Blackout is a Chicago-based visual artist, musician, and key figure in the city’s art and music scenes. Mac works in multiple disciplines, creating art that radiates presence and transforms the world around us.

About the Artist

Mac earned his BFA in 1999 from the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. In the 90s he pioneered the Indianapolis graffiti art scene with a group of friends. Upon graduating, Mac moved to Chicago and contributed to the city’s early street art scene with large scale wheat paste creations before shifting his creative focus to music. Mac founded a series of bands, releasing multiple albums both with groups and as a solo artist, while creating a prolific amount of album and poster art for the music community. In 2012 he began his ongoing series of anthropomorphic painted boomboxes for which he became widely known. In recent years Mac has taken his vision back to the walls, creating large scale murals across the Midwest. He’s currently a professional muralist, musician, and studio artist based in Chicago. He’s now co-producing and scoring “It Was Written”, a feature length film documenting the history of Chicago graffiti art and culture scheduled for release in 2022.