Boxed In

“Boxed In”, 2021 – WNDR Studios

Boxed In is a rotating installation by WNDR Studios created with the intention to showcase local performers in a new and interesting way.

Boxed In: Movement features performances from Chicago-based dancers Jasmine Pumanes, Brandon Jackson, and Carly Carroll.

Previous iterations:
Boxed In: Lunar Ticks (December 9, 2021- January 2, 2022) featured a holiday themed performance from Chicago based Improvisational/Alternative Rock band Lunar Ticks.

Fast Facts presented by 

  • Boxed In is an in-house installation, serving as a way for us to showcase local performers.
  • The current version, Boxed In: Movement, features three local dancers who were filmed improvising to the song for about an hour.
  • WNDR cuts the videos together to create what you’re seeing.